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Happiness is

Happiness is
When me and spouse is typical of person that can fullfill life primary needs with our own money..

We bought car with our own money
We bought apartment with our own money
We paid our wedding with our own money

Super proud!!!

Tulisan hati, curhatan pikiran

The truth behind how people react in society

Have you ever realized this:

  1. If a person laugh too much, even at stupid things, he is indeed lonely inside.
  2. If a person sleeps a lot, he is actually sad..
  3. If a person speaks less, but he speaks fast than he keeps a secrets
  4. If someone can’t cry, he is weak
  5. If someone eats in an abnormal manner, he is tense
  6. if someone cries on little things, he is innocent & soft-hearted
  7. if someone becomes angry over silly or pretty small things, it means he needs love..